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Debt Control is an useful tool to register individual and group payments and calculate your debts, it is the fastest and easiest way to have all of them under your control.
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Easy To Use

Group with multiple people or expences of youself

Main Screen

Quickly see what's new in your groups and pending invitations


Set preferences like currency, language or notifications

Edit & Share

Modify payments and keep inform your friends

Cloud Support

Keep synchronize your data and use multiple devices.


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Group in action

How it looks when you are in a group, see payments, debts and resume view

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Frequently asked questions

If you have doubts check this.

Why do I need to register or log in with google?

If you are registered you could access to your groups from any device, mobile or tablet, just using your save credentials or login with google.

What's the different between a group MULTIPLE or INDIVIDUAL?

A group multiple allows you to control payments that you have done with friends, you could share it or keep that information for yourself. If you decide to share it everybody could see, edit and add new payments in real time, it is really helpful!.

individual is just that, payments of yourself that you want to track, for example to see how much you spent each month.

How can I share a group?

Going to group edition you cold add/edit players(friends), if you want to share it just add or edit the email of you friend and activate the shared button.

A invitation will send to that email (if not register yet) or a notification, and you could see the state, pending (sent but not accepted yet), accepted (great!, you friend is in the group) or rejected (you friend refused to be in the group)

What happen if I lost or change my mobile phone?

Just nothing!, remenber that your data is safe in the cloud so log in with you user again, that's all.


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